A lavender rose is one of the most rare of roses. A sign of enchantment the lavender rose also carries with it the symbolism of the fabled blue rose - mystery with a sense of the magical.

With this thought coursing through my mind I began my adventure of creating essential oil butters, soaps and massage and bath oils with healing properties... a magical journey. Hence, the lavender rose.

I hope you have an opportunity to try the many varieties of healing balms, oils and creams that I hand make, each with their own natural healing properties of the essential oils with which they are infused.

Crafts from the garden and the heart

 Rosemary, mistletoe, lavender and cedar from my garden.
 Wine cork wreath.
 Morning dew on rosemary during a waxing moon.
Knit and crocheted jellyfish and starfish mobile for my grandson Harrison.
Pomander with heart:)

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