A lavender rose is one of the most rare of roses. A sign of enchantment the lavender rose also carries with it the symbolism of the fabled blue rose - mystery with a sense of the magical.

With this thought coursing through my mind I began my adventure of creating essential oil butters, soaps and massage and bath oils with healing properties... a magical journey. Hence, the lavender rose.

I hope you have an opportunity to try the many varieties of healing balms, oils and creams that I hand make, each with their own natural healing properties of the essential oils with which they are infused.


Whipped Coconut Facial Butter

This light, whipped cream can be used day or night. Smooth small amount over face, neck and chest to enhance your complexion. Coconut oil, known for its healing properties for thousands of years, promotes healthy skin, helps prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. It also provides protection from damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Lavender Rose facial butter is made with organic coconut oil and blended with vitamin E, essential oils cinnamon, clove, cedar, and lavender with a touch of organic beeswax to create a richer blend. A butter is not to be confused with a cream. A butter is a solid form with no preservatives or alcohols added to soften to a cream. When in solid form rub gently with finger, the heat from your finger will liquify just enough for use. A small amount goes a long way. Apply lightly to face, neck and chest. Safe for around eyes.

The melting point of this butter is 76 degrees. Please store in a cool area. The potency of the butter is not affected by heat up to 100 degrees, however, the butter turns to liquid at 76 degrees. It is still usable in its liquid state.

Each container is approximately 2 ounces. If used daily it will last almost two months.

Cost is $5.00 per 2 ounce container.
Shipping note:
As the temperatures rise Coconut Facial Butter becomes slightly more liquified. After receipt of your shipment please set your tub upright for a bit prior to opening so that contents may settle. Store in a cool place. 

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